Her birthday

..Went well. I am grateful to those who came for my mom’s birthday. Her long time friends. Some I like, some I don’t like. Oops. We celebrated it in an Asian buffet. There was a group of family, their friends, that only stayed to eat and left an hour later. They didn’t even stay for the cake. Wtf? Didn’t they know that per head in a buffet during the weekend is expensive? Were they playing stupid? That annoyed the shit out of me. My parents go to their parties and stay for a long time, yet they couldn’t do the same thing for them. It was hella rude!! I wanted to say something, but our table just shook our heads, disappointed.

Then I heard my mom talking about me to her friend, that she hasn’t seen for years, about my working hours and all that. Just like that in public. So embarrassing. It’s my life. She has no idea how I feel about my life. I’m upset and disappointed in her. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin her party.

My mom gave away the treat bags with chocolates and a fan inside to her friends. I hope they keep it at least for awhile… I worked hard on those. By keeping it, means they value their friendship with her. If they don’t keep it then they don’t.

When we got home, she opened her gifts and decided that some of the shirts she got are too small for her. She gave it to me, but I told her to try them on first. I finally convinced her to keep them.

She… Doesn’t think of my feelings. She just doesn’t think at all.

I speak what I think sometimes, unfortunately for some people. Frank? Yeah in a way. 

Today, my co-worker D and I were on our way to this client when we bumped into one of the caregivers that works as a private, M. She was carrying a tray with dirty plates. “Oh, this is A’s tray. I was on the way down to return it it to the kitchen“, she said as she gave it towards D. I said, “Huh? Why?” I was so confused because as far as I know client A only gets service from us.  D stayed quiet. “ah I was just visiting her. To see how she was doing.” She explained as if she had to. I said, “oh I see.” Then we walked away. D chuckled and said, “You’re so mean.” I said, “what? I was really curious why she was there.” Because for some reason, I do not trust M, but I didn’t say that. Awhile back, I found M in our office with a nurse, I don’t know what they were doing or why. They came out quietly when I got there. I didn’t ask either what they wanted. After that incident, my trust in her is broken. I told D about this before but she just shrugged about it. “I think she asked A if she needs any service so she can work for her.” “Hmmm“, was all I said.

This was just one of the times that I was “mean”. Another time was when D and this other Latino caregiver were speaking in Spanish and obviously I don’t understand it. Whenever this caregiver sees D, they always talk in Spanish, it annoys the shit out of me. So whenever she’s around I supposedly give her that look that I don’t like her. D told me this. I told her directly it’s annoying that they speak in Spanish and I don’t understand. She said sorry and said the caregiver doesn’t speak English much. I told her “she has a patient that only understands English so how can she work with her? She needs to learn English.” She just shrugged and said, “I don’t know.

You see, that’s just me. I used to not speak up when I was younger, but now that I’m older, I have more confidence in talking when I am curious or have something to say.

From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series – Trailer #2″ on YouTube

From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series – Trailer #2: http://youtu.be/PHgfbUwKQNY

I am almost done watching this in Netflix. I thought it’s gonna suck, but it’s actually not that bad. Of course, the actors from the series are not the same from the movie. The ones in the series are as good though. It’s series so they added their own twists. Similarly different.

Whatever It Takes – Free Ebook Download


Currently, reading this in my tablet. Nakakatawa sa beginning pa Lang!

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Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

KYRO – Devilishly handsome, wealthy and undeniably a man to die for sa taglay nitong karisma. Sanay na siya ang hinahabol ng mga babae, courting him, sending him flowers and anything that would please him. Some even stalked just to know his whereabouts, do anything to tie him unto marriage. And marriage was not on his lists.

KAIRI – Matalino, maganda at mayaman. Three M’s that she has. Yet there is still missing… a man who will definitely make her head over heels with.

When Kyro met Kairi, things started changing. Because he will do anything for Kairi to marry him whatever it takes.

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This happened yesterday and I’ll write it like it’s today:

I am almost done with the paper fans. The whole day yesterday, I spent my day trying to finish it. I have 3 or more to go. On Friday night, after work, I hung out with two of my guy friends. I feel comfortable more hanging out or taking with guys than girls, that’s why sometimes my boyfriend gets jealous or a girlfriend gets jealous. Girls are like competitive with each other. Always wanting to be prettier than the other or they’re too girly for my taste of girl friends. I’m sorry, but I don’t intend to flirt with anyone other than my boyfriend, let alone steal someone’s bf. Anyway, we went to Starbucks to catch up. I ordered strawberries and creme frappucino. I wasn’t feeling any coffee. After that, we got a little hungry and ate at Tommy’s, in the same street as Starbucks. I ordered chili cheese fries. It was alright. I got food poisoning there before when I ate the chili cheese dog. I threw up and just felt bad. I knew it was that because the other food that I ate prior to that was still good. After chillin with them, we called it a night. We didn’t want to do anything crazy like partying. Good company is good enough.

Paper fan

Currently making paper fans as a giveaway  inside a treat bag with goodies for my mother’s birthday. I have one more week to go and I haven’t made half of yet. I need at least 20-25 to go. It is very time consuming and also because I am working on it alone. With everything on sale because it’s labor day week, the materials are cheap and some of them I bought at dollar store.


I went to his house yesterday to see him, after his work. A couple of hours later, his work called and said they would need to leave by 4am to NorthCal, by borderline of Oregon, because there’s a wildfire going on there, lots of fire actually, so they need to help the others killing it. I am always scared when he goes to a big fire somewhere really far. It means I don’t get to see him after a week or so. And during that time, he’ll be busy and I won’t know anything until he calls me back.

It’s the fire season. The temperature is hot, humid, dry and have some lightning and windy in some places. I kind of knew that they were leaving soon because they were next in line to go help. I felt bad he didn’t have enough sleep and had to drive about an hour to his station and then drove the fire truck more than 8 hours to North Cal. I feel for the families and loved ones of the firefighters fighting right now up north. Fire is such a dangerous killer. It doesn’t show mercy. It will destroy everything, anything that gets on its way.

Last night, when we went to bed him, he was hugging me. He was giving me lots of kisses on my shoulder and face.. He said he was sorry that he had to go so soon when I just came. I felt frustrated and annoyed, but it’s part of his job. Early morning came and he had to go. We hugged each other. He told me that he loves and missed me. I told him, I love him and to take care over there. He said when he gets back, he’ll take me to dinner and we’ll go on a trip to San Diego. I told him I’ll have to call off, but we can do that. He said we will go in my day offs and he will just request day offs. When he said that, I got really touched. I felt like the big gap we had because of our fights, suddenly closed and we are back to “normal” loving each other again. Guess our love for each other never left. We just didn’t try to understand each other.

Let’s pray to God for their safety. Please pray for him and other people helping to kill all the fires.