I feel a little disappointed in myself because I haven’t been updating daily, but weekly.

On Thursday, my cousin and her family came to visit us in L.A. for the first time. It was their first time to ever step foot in the U.S.A. We toured them around LA, of course. They went to Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, Universal Studios, Citadel, Hollywood, Citadel Outlets, etc. Restaurants like BJ’s, Bubba Gump, some Korean bbq restaurant, Regent Inn, etc. Local popular spots we usually go to as a family. My dad, cousin, and my bf and I  took turns in touring them anywhere we could in the limited time they have. They flew today to Vegas. My family and I didn’t come, just them. Then later they will fly to San Francisco then fly from there back to the Philippines.

My boyfriend had been very helpful and generous with paying and driving. Yesterday morning, he left to Sacramento for his training and won’t be back until a month later.. sigh. Here we go again..

First man convicted in child predator sting with virtual girl Sweetie

First man convicted in child predator sting with virtual girl Sweetie

Virtual child is a clever idea, but maybe they should’ve not publicly said their plan. Predators will now be more wise and they will make sure that the child they will talk to is a real child.

God is Good

Have been stressing out at work. I was such in a bad mood yesterday that my co-worker and I had a little argument. This morning, I prayed to God for the blessings he had given us, for another day of living, for a good day today, for happiness, love and good health to my loved ones. God heard my prayer and I did have a good day at work. Thank you, God.

On the other hand, tomorrow is my last day of work (YEY!!!) before I go to my 4 day break. My cousins from the Philippines will be visiting us for the first time (we will tour them!) and my boyfriend is leaving this weekend so I took off 2 days plus my 2 days off. I hope everything goes well for all of us! I’m excited!

Pregnant Kate back at work after morning sickness

Pregnant Kate back at work after morning sickness

Wow I didn’t know she’s pregnant again. Maybe the royal family is in a hurry to make more babies and keep their royalty line long.